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We offer installation, maintenance and appliance repair services to both domestic and industrial ovens on the same day, within the shortest possible time, at customer friendly prices and our work guarantees you quality. We assure you that you will be served at fair and competitive prices. All you need to do is to call us and get your oven repaired at an affordable price and within the shortest time.

Our Top Service Refrigerator Repair Ajax charges are constant irrespective of day and time of the week. We charge same prices for weekends and week days and also same prices for daytime service and night time service. We give a 6 month warranty to our customers and we assure you that our technical team is purely comprised of well-trained and skilled experts in oven repair.

Why Oven Repair

The oven is the core of any family or home kitchen and any non-functioning oven can turn upside down any household. Our objective is to ensure that your oven is restored back to operating condition within the shortest time possible time. We want our Top Service Refrigerator Repair Ajax clients to continue enjoying beef and chicken roasting without facing any inconvenience. We assure you quality and timely oven repair services at affordable and friendly prices.

We offer appliance repair services of all ranges of cookers including electric ranges and ovens, fan forced and conventional ovens. We also fix ovens that frequently overheat and burn cakes or food during cooking process. The repair elements on ovens that do not heat anymore or reseal and re-hinge to allow for good efficiency during cooking times.

Commonly Faced Problems (CFPs)

Over-heating ovens, non-heating ovens, unevenly baking ovens, oven broiler problems, non-working lights, temperature problem and self-cleaning problem among many other problems.

Oven Repair Ajax

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